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1937 Med Revival On Allison Island's Quiet Side For $5.7M

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This 5,000 square foot historic Med Revival hacienda on the quiet, western side of Allison Island is a classic Miami Beach house dripping in charm with plenty of bay frontage and modest (by Miami Beach new-build standards) square footages. At $5.7 million, it's the kind of house, like the Real Housewife Lisa Hochstein's place, that Miami Beach preservationists are fighting to preserve against the onslaught of much larger megamansions like, umm, this one. But for those with an appreciation for the classics, good taste, and who don't mind not having a five car garage or two different guest apartments for your mother-in-law to chose from, this house is perfect.

· 6550 Allison Road [Sotheby's]