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What If Beckham's Soccer Dome Replaced The Seaquarium?

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Underwater photographer, Lolita-liberation-activist, and graphic designer Cindy Seip has a new use in mind for Lolita The Killer Whale's prison home, the Miami Seaquarium. "It's old, it's outdated, and Lolita The Killer Whale is looking to retire" says Cindy, potentially opening up a big chunk of picturesque bay front acreage for David Beckham's new major league soccer stadium. Drawbacks, however, include a lack of public transit, the moderate distance from downtown, and undoubtedly vehement opposition from many of the locals next door on Key Biscayne. Either way, it's bound to encourage some Curbed Reader discussion. And go!
· Consider this 38 acre property for your soccer site [Cindy Seip]