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Big Mysterious Renderings Of The Design District Appear

"Released" is somewhat of a bold way to describe these intriguing renderings revealed by exMiami of the completed Design District when the developer of the project himself, Craig Robins tells Curbed Miami that he has never "seen them" before. Still, the renderings look legitimate especially considering they include all the right elements, including rooftop gardens and the Paseo Ponti, and new buildings already announced like the Sou Fujimoto 'frozen waterfall' building on the south end.

Sorry exMiami, but the store logos placed on the buildings here and here are also most definitely fake and do not reveal planned Apple Store or Barneys locations for the District. Says Robins "Truthfully neither [Apple nor Barneys] are confirmed or in serious talks... at this point it is not true." Architects and renderers often do that to make their drawings look more lifelike. See how these other renderings erroneously show a Louis Vuitton location. As if Apple would ever, ever, use a font with a serif for almost anything, especially not a store logo. Really!

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