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Sky high

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It appears that SkyRise Miami—that shiny, 1,000-ft. high, Arquitectonica-designed R-shaped observation tower—is moving forward, or should we say upward? Whatever. According to developer Jeff Berkowitz, the estimated $430 million project could break ground as early as this May, pending a few remaining city approvals. Berkowitz plans to sublease 2 acres from Bayside Marketplace for his iconic "legacy" project. Essentially a vertical theme park, SkyRise will supposedly create a mind boggling 20,000+ new jobs, directly and indirectly. Seriously, what are they smoking? Despite mixed reviews from Curbed readers, it appears this will, in fact, be Miami's new, oddly shaped, landmark structure.—Margina Demmer [Miami Today; Previously]

Bayside Marketplace

401 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, Florida