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Grove Isle Hotel Could Go Kablooey For Swooshy New Condo

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Developers have proposed demolishing the Grove Isle Hotel & Spa. In its stead would rise an 18-story glass and concrete condo tower, the fourth condo tower on the private island, much to the dismay of current island residents going by the nom-de-guerre The Preserve Grove Isle Committee, who worry they could lose pedestrian access to the area, a sweet hotel in which they throw parties, and the hotel's fire pit, a local hotspot. (fire pit = hotspot. Get it? We're so funny)

The hotel, whose previous owners stopped paying rent back in 2010, was sold last March to Agave Holdings, the developer behind the $130 million overhaul of 396 Alhambra Circle. Grove Isle homeowners (approximately 510 families) say, in a memorandum of law to the City of Miami, that the proposed tower with its undulating balconies doesn't match the blocky and beige design of the existing three 1970s buildings, which considering that they're... blocky and beige... may not necessarily be a bad thing.
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[Rendering courtesy of The Preserve Grove Isle Committee]