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A Pristine Alfred Browning Parker In The Gables For $1 Million

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Drool. Here's a classic Alfred Browning Parker-designed house in which the non-hyperbolic brokerbabble doesn't actually make exaggerations at all. The broker for 915 Bayamo Avenue sent us this listing, which hasn't hit sites like Zillow yet, so we'll just have to take her word that it's actually on the market, and we hope it is! Attractively priced at $999,000, the main living area is sunny, high-ceilinged and open, the open plan kitchen is either original cabinetry, or a very well-matched redo, the bathrooms have the original mid-century countertops, sinks, and fixtures, with little updates here and there. The terrazzo, oh the terrazzo! It has a new-looking but well matched pool.

On the other hand, the house has its old jalousie windows, which are cool and most likely original to the house, but absolute pains in the ass. Too bad AB designed houses with them all the time. They were meant to be open, encouraging cross ventilation, but they're super delicate, horribly inefficient when the air conditioning is on, and don't even think about what will happen to them in a hurricane unless the houses is boarded up like Fort Knox.

· 915 Bayamo Avenue [Carole Smith]