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Spring Break Era HoJo's Imploded For Luxury Condos

Howard Johnson's Fort Lauderdale Beach Demolition from Curbed on Vimeo.

[Courtesy Paramount Fort Lauderdale Beach]

Oh how times go by. Fort Lauderdale Beach, once the notorious domain of drunk Spring Breakers is becoming an ever more luxury destination. Case in point, the beach's old Howard Johnson's—once the beachfront strip's tallest building—became rubble yesterday morning at 8 AM when it was demolished, to be replaced by the Paramount Fort Lauderdale Beach project. The same 'brand' as Paramount Bay in Edgewater, the 18-story Paramount Beach is being designed by Luis Revuelta, with 95 units, and prices beginning at $1 million. The project has just launched sales. At least the balconies will be spacious enough to play beer pong on, probably. Kabloowie.
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