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Cuban Rice, the Swimwear Line; What to Wear to SBWFF; Palm Beach Outlets is Open!

Here's what you missed this week in shopping, according to Racked Miami

1) South Miami: You know Cristy Rice from the Real Housewives of Miami, but did you know that while cameras were rolling, she was penciling the initial sketches of her swimwear line? From the design process behind her Gypsy collection to what he has planned next for the brand, we have the 411 on everything Cuban Rice.

2) South Beach: With all the amazing food that'll be surrounding you this weekend, there's no reason why you should be stressing over your outfit for the South Beach Wine and Food Festival. Ditch the bodycon dresses, stilettos and relax. We've got a few wardrobe ideas for you right here.
3) Palm Beach: Palm Beach Outlets is officially open for business, and with a SAKS, Nike and J.Crew outlet all on the directory list, it's definitely worth the trek. But this isn't it for the mall. Oh, no. They've got a Phase 2 underway and potentially a Phase 3. Here are the deets.

4) Aventura: It's old news that Sarah Jessica Parker is gracing Miami with her presence, but what you didn't know was at what time! We have the dish on when to line up and what not to bring for her to sign.
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