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$22.5 Million Hibiscus Island Compound Is Fully A Loaded Aegean Villa

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While most of Miami's Mediterranean Revival architecture is vaguely Spanish or, even more vaguely Italian, here's a pile of a house designed to look straight out of the Greek Isles, which may be rather appropriate for a domicile on one of the man-made islands in Biscayne Bay. Built in 2003 by developer John Turchin, the house's $22.5 Million listing price includes full menu of every archetypically greek scene-setting element equally appropriate to a Mamma Mia! performance or the home port of an Onassis yacht. White walls, check. Barrel tile, check. A seashell-lined bathroom, check. A cluster of casually connected interior spaces with louche daybeds and cyprus beam pergolas, check. Curbed National has more details this way, although worrying about square footages and bedroom counts doesn't seem quite necessary when in the 'spanikopita' state of mind.

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