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Will Race Cars Return To Downtown Miami's Bayfront?

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[Miami (Vice) Grand Prix 1986 via Youtube]

The flat expanse of Biscayne Boulevard could once again fill with the sweet smell of burnt rubber and the terrible roar of many thousands of horsepower futuristic hum of cars without internal combustion engines, more than two decades after the demise of the Miami Grand Prix. Formula E — the Formula 1 of electric race cars — is scheduled to stage a race in March 2015 in the seventh round of the inaugural F1A Formula E season.

Though Miami commissioners have been talking about the race for nearly a year, and it was originally slated for 2014, they haven't actually issued a race permit yet, so who even knows whether it will actually happen. The Miami Grand Prix, 1983-1993, took place for its first three years in Bayfront Park before moving on in 1986 to nearby Bicentennial Park (now Museum Park). In the Formula E race, the track would run "in the area of" Biscayne Boulevard and the American Airlines Arena. Some commissioners have raised a yellow flag, questioning how commuters and workaday folks will avoid being killed or extremely late to work, fearing that portions of the Boulevard will be closed for six weeks, when really they would just be closed on some nights for construction work and on race day. Details, details.
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Museum Park

1075 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, Florida