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Igor Polevitzky's Sunrise Tower Loses Signature "Wishbones"

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Sunrise Tower, midcentury residential building by renowned architect Igor Polevitzky, has gotten rid of the one thing (or things) that made it really stand out: its balcony "wishbones." Located at 888 Intracoastal Drive in Fort Lauderdale, Sunrise Tower easily stood out from the waterfront skyline thanks to its wishbones, an emblem of the mid-century modern era and used to passively mitigate the elements (wind, sun, rain). Word on the street is the emblematic structures were deteriorating and restoration was not an affordable option. New metal handrails are currently being installed and all the wishbones are out, and Sunrise Tower is that much less funky.
—Glenda Puente

· Sunrise Tower [sunrisetower]