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Inside Morningside's Historic Homes; Boaters Decimate Fragile Ecosystem Off Key Biscayne

MORNINGSIDE— Miami's first historic district is a lush enclave with a choice selection of Mediterranean Revival, Art Deco and MiMo homes and the best park in the city. Take a rare look inside seven homes of varying periods and styles during the four-hour Historic Morningside Home Tour 2014 this Sunday or just enjoy a walk around the neighborhood in a guided pre-tour with estimable Miami historic Dr. Paul George. [CurbedWire Inbox]

KEY BISCAYNE— Boaters are seriously damaging the sea grass in the Mashta Flats, which provide food for marine animals and protect against land erosion and storms, UM marine biologists and graduate researchers told village council members this week. As of now, the law does not prohibit boaters and jet skiers from trampling over the sea grass (and maiming manatees and dolphins) as much as they please, even though it will take decades, if not the end of humankind in a fiery apocalypse, for the ecosystem to recover from the damage. [Miami Herald]