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Instead of Mega-Bucks Park, Grove Could Get A Field, For Now

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The Coconut Grove Exhibition Center, where Jim Morrison allegedly once made a very impolite exhibition indeed, is almost completely demolished by now. (Some fabulous photos are at The Grove Guy) In its place, pols pledged to build the 12-acre Regatta Park—if only they had the money. Part of the Sasaki Plan, a.k.a. the Coconut Grove Waterfront Master Plan, developed in 2008 to renovate the Grove's concrete-heavy waterfront, the park would include a new pier, a grassy amphitheater, a public walkway around the bay and some serious planting. The cash needed: $26 million. The cash available: $2 million. Well, damn. How about new sod, a couple of trees and some outdoor furniture instead? Miami Commissioner Marc Sarnoff envisions it as "the greatest field ever."
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Coconut Grove Convention Center

2700 S Bayshore Drive, Miami, Florida