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Al Capone's House Is Back On The Market, And Super Cute!

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The Miami Beach estate of Al Capone, arguably the most legendary mobster of all time, who allegedly planned the St. Valentine's Day Massacre from its very confines, spent his last days slowly waisting away with debilitating syphilis here, and finally, as his very own niece and biggest advocate says "dropped dead" in one of its upstairs bathrooms, is back on the market for $8.45 million, and the new listing photos look just absolutely adorable!
The house was restored before being sold to its current owners fairly recently, in June 2013 for $7.43 million. One might think this explains why they haven't done something more elaborate with the interiors, but after looking at the listing photos, it's hard to imagine what else the house really needs. Okay, the crappy ceiling fan in the living room is unforgivably generic for an historic $8 million house, but that's about it. The house is simple, undeniably tropical, light filled, full of antiques, and inviting. Let's hope the next owners care for it as much as these owners did for the short time that they owned it.
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Al Capone's House

93 Palm Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida