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Take A Looksy, A Treehouse-Cum-Living Room In The Keys

DesignBoom just featured Luis Pons Design Lab's addition to a house in the Keys. The house, which is on Tavernier Key, is a cantilevered three-sided plaza on platforms with, raw concrete walls (Brutalism in the Florida Keys!) softened by wooden slatting that might evoke shipboard life somewhere in the house's nautical surroundings-—an adult-minded tree house extension in concrete and planks of wood.

The PAMM-like effect opens some portions of the house to the exterior, water views, and tropical islands, that sort of thing, while enclosing others. The one wall of privacy from the street is formed by massive, simple geometric shapes in concrete, bordered by wood. More totally gorge photos this way.
· Luis Pons Design Lab Completes Tavernier Residence in Florida [Design Boom]