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The Epic Beckham-Miami-Soccer Odyssey Officially Begins

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David Beckham announced, looking sexy in a slate grey suit this morning at a press conference at PAMM, that he is forming a Major League Soccer team in Miami, with a franchise from the MLS, a downtown stadium, and his personal brand of je ne sais quoi. The New Times' Michael Miller reported from the scene. This makes what has been the talk of the town for months more than just talk, but official, and although half of Miami may already know everything Beckham announced today, it being official makes all the difference. A stadium location was not, unfortunately, announced, but Beckham reiterated a point he has repeatedly made throughout the process: the stadium will not seek public funds. He, and the other dignitaries present, covered many of the press conference prerequisites for a big announcement that everyone already knows, and thus is admittedly somewhat just ceremonial. They gushed about how fabulous Miami is, how great Beckham is, and how great the star-studded corps of business partners, including Marcelo Claure and Simon Fuller, leading the team are. Basically, if this thing isn't as big as the Miami Heat, then something went wrong.

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