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Crescent Heights Boss Building Huge Pad Above Cuz's Bar

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Russell Galbut, the descendent of one of Miami Beach's founding families and the managing principal of national development company Crescent Heights, is having a crazy big apartment built for him in a seven-story mixed-use building South of Fifth. The building comes complete with a robotic parking garage, and on the ground floor Radio Bar and Red Ginger restaurants owned by his first cousins once removed, hoteliers, regular Curbed fixtures, and scions of a hoteling family, Jared Galbut and Keith Menin. How crazy big, you ask?

Try 17,000 square feet, starting on the third floor and rising on up to the rooftop terraces. Naturally, some of that space will be used for an infinity pool and a racquetball court. Cousin Russell, who exMiami describes as "fascinated" with robotic garages, is having his home office outfitted with glass windows so that he can watch the building's robotic garage at work. Sounds strange, but wealthy businessmen from the mid-19th century probably watched the elevator from their big desks when it first came out, too. Why else would they all be built in big wrought iron cages? Jonathan Cardello of ADD Inc. is the project architect.
· Russell Galbut's Spectacular South Beach Residence [exMiami]