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Here Are Vizcaya's Plans For The Science Museum Site

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As the Miami Science Museum's eventual move from its current site to its new building in Museum Park draws closer and the science museum's land reverts to the control of the neighboring Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, plans are being put together to restore the museum's land to something approximating its original use: a farm for Vizcaya.

Architect Richard Heisenbottle has designed a master plan, which includes a reactivation of the still-extant farm village for museum uses, demolition of the science museum building, and the creation of some sort of large green space, or cultural landscape that approximates the historical farm. Admittedly these plans are a major simplification of the idealized and much more expensive master plan that Heisenbottle originally designed and Vizcaya had hoped to aim for and which would include orchards, an underground parking structure, and a trolley, but the end result is still a monumental step forward for the institution. It reunifies these two halves of the historic Vizcaya estate (farm and villa) and provides a tabula rasa for the institution's further growth.

UPDATE: These plans are still conceptual and in development. Nothing is finalized, but at the moment this is the direction they are going in.
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