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Urban Farming In The Middle Of Fort Lauderdale Is A Thing

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The latest thing to sprout up in Flagler Village, the Brooklyn of Fort Lauderdale: urban farming on an impressively substantial scale. Here now, is the very new Flagler Village Farm, an urban agriculture project growing organic food right where it will be consumed. The 18,000 sq. ft. parcel at NE 3rd Avenue and Sistrunk Boulevard, likely to have been considered too small for the much larger urban-infill type development projects going on in the vicinity, had been sitting idle since 2010 when an existing single family home was demolished. Thanks to an ordinance passed in the summer of 2012 the lot was able to be used for food production and add to the mix of uses in this attractive neighborhood, and a farm was born.

The idea seems to be really catching on. Farm aside, two blocks south, a proposed 6,500 sq. ft., community-owned and operated garden called the Flagler Village Community Garden will soon be under construction. Upon completion, the garden will provide 10 plots for educational purposes and 69 plots for lease so the land-less, apartment dwellers in the area can grow their own greens.—Glenda Puente
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