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58 Seconds with Kate Upton; What SJP Would Wear to Bed

The latest in Supermodels, celebrities and style from Racked Miami...

1) South Beach: Supermodel of the decade, sexiest woman alive, America's hottest girl next door; there are many things you can call Kate Upton, but this week she indulged in her title as EXPRESS brand ambassador. She came down to Miami to host the brand's Spring 2014 Runway Show at The Raleigh and in less than 58 seconds we were able to get the lowdown on her new partnership, as well as what she loves to do when she comes down to the 305.

2) Aventura: So you've had some time recover from the Parker pandemonium that took place at Nordstrom Aventura last week. The crowd was so dense that the closest you got to seeing her was probably through a blurry Instagram shot. Not to worry, folks. We were able to slink our way into a private interview with SJP and answered some of the things you were dying to know, including which shoes she'd wear to bed. (Hint: They aren't Mirandas).

3) South Beach: The Webster is the boutique of all boutiques down here, so naturally we were curious to find out what owner Laure Heriard Dubreuil, co-founder and CEO of the brand, predicted Spring 2014's trends would be. From animal prints to artistic patterns, here are a few of the things you should be looking for this season.
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