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Comment of the day

"The fact that it has a water management system that benefits the entire community should be considered. Combining the density to one portion of the site is something our local code should allow. When did we become so inflexible that we cannot consider projects that creatively approach the real world issues at hand? Otherwise we end up with everything looking exactly the same. I think for that location, next to the fly over, Alton Road, the Icon to the south, stacked big box to its west, this is a more reasonable solution than 3 blocks of 7 story buildings. yes, consideration for the Bentley Bay is necessary but not what this should hinge upon. let's do something progressive again - last thing so bold was 1111 Lincoln and look how that turned out."-anon [The Plans For 500 Alton This Time Include A Tower & A Lake]

Sobe Park

500 Alton Road, Miami Beach, Florida