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"1. The public has no access to this 'last open green space' on Lincoln Road so maintaining it for 'the public' is meaningless. 2. Lapidus designed LR to be a pedestrian shopping mall so I don't know why he would be upset. 3. The problem with building a structure 'that looks like its always been there' is that it diminishes the perceived 'value' of the structures which are actually historic. you need to be able to tell them apart or it turns into disney or williamsburg. 4. JMHO but the building looks like it was designed not to compete with the church but to use the design cues of the rest of lincoln road (materials, corner treatment, etc) and become part of the 'background' so not to overpower the architecture of the church. In that regard I think it is pretty successful and the architect and landscape architect both have a reputation for thoughtful work. do it!"-anon [Here Is The Proposed Retail Wing Of Lincoln Road's Church]