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Satori Could Be Edgewater's First Big Hotel

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The sudden appearance right on Biscayne Boulevard of a fully decked-out sales center for a building named Satori, without any actual announcements or press releases or leaked renderings or anything for such a building, has been a bit of a mystery for the past few weeks... that is until a slew of renderings landed in the Curbed inbox and we dug up a website for the project here.

Satori Hotel Residences (or is it Satori Hotel and Residences?), designed by Kobi Karp, appears to be a condo tower in the northern stretches of Edgewater, down 35th Terrace from a McDonalds. The 35 story tower will have 207 residential units, and apparently some sort of hotel aspect, which could either be separate hotel rooms or units rentable out as hotel rooms when their owners aren't occupying them. Still, unless we're forgetting something here, that makes this Edgewaters first/only big hotel north of the Omni Hilton, which is borderline Edgewater anyways. Oh, and it has nothing to do with Fort Lauderdale's Satori Apartments. We asked.

UPDATE: There aren't dedicated hotel rooms. It's a condo hotel with rentable condo units.

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