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The Beautiful Pizza Week; One Year at Swine

A week dedicated to pizza it was, over at Eater Miami...

1) Pizza Week: This past week, we dove face first into the glorious, wondrous pizza world. We spoke about iconic Miami pizza joints, scouted the city for it's best pizza ever, discovered Stanzione 87 has its own calzone cult, and de-mystified what is known as the "Cuban" pizza. Browse through absolutely everything, this way.

2) South Beach: The universe conspired to help our Pizza Week by providing us with a couple of upcoming pizzerias (thank you, universe), among them a new Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza. We spoke to founder Anthony Bruno about the upcoming spot. He even gave us some life wisdom: "you're only as good as your last pizza," just a thought.

3) Coral Gables: It's been an entire year since Swine Southern Table & Bar opened up, so we chatted up Mr. Kunkel (owner and founder of 50 Eggs Restaurant Group) about how things went, challenges, success, and the future. Get ready for seconds and thirds, Coral Gables.
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