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Every Building Opening This Spring; The Foldable Apartment

All the real estate news that's fit to blog, from Curbed NY...

1) Everywhere: Development is booming in New York City, with 44 new condominium or rental buildings hitting the market this spring. Curbed NY has put every single project—from crazy expensive condos to only moderately-expensive rentals—on one insane map.

2) Greenwich Village: In 2009, entrepreneur Graham Hill had a contest to see who could create a design that would make the most of the space in his 420-square-foot studio. The winning design was implemented in 2012 and allows for the apartment to be folded and shifted around to accommodate a 12-person dinner party, two overnight guests, a home theater, and more, but apparently Hill wants out already. He's put the apartment on the market for $995,000.

3) Midtown West: Related Companies' Hudson Yards megaproject will be built on a gigantic 37,000-ton platform, construction of which began this week. The process that they will use to build it is pretty amazing, and you can watch a whole video about that Related released.

4) Upper East Side: This carriage house was once owned by J.P. Morgan, but it more recent years it has undergone two renovations. The first was when it was purchased by a couple in 1995. The second renovation, after they had separated and the wife moved out, was a lot more outlandish (one has to assume). It includes a lot of color-changing LED lights and, apparently, a secret pool under the sliding kitchen floor.
· Curbed NY [ny.curbed]