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Round 3: Comparing Bargain/Deluxe Boutique Hotels

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Today, Hotels Week is all about getting a deal, or not. With the help of our intern, Nicolas Bogdan, we're comparing deluxe hotels in three categories—Beach, Downtown, and Boutique—to good budget friendlier options. Notice we said 'budget friendlier' and not 'cheap.' The difference is this is Miami, the budget hotels still have to be great places, and still may not be 'cheap' but are at least a hell of a lot less than the deluxe joints. And now, Round 3: Boutique Hotels.

The Freehand is a boutique hostel, combining the dormitory/collegiate traveler's vibe of a good hostel with the high design of Roman & Williams, the designers of the Ace Hotel in New York. The Freehand is a bargain, in a way. For a one-person bunk in an eight person dorm room, you'll have to shell out $100 with a two night minimum. Expect to pay $314 a night for a private room, also for a two night minimum. Meanwhile, a four person room, with four single beds, each with curtain dividers and reading lights, will cost upwards of $500. All prices are per the hotel's website.

As far as hostels go, the Freehand may be big bucks, but at the Delano it still looks like a bargain. It's all booked up at the moment, but if you wanna swing a room, it'll cost you $800 for a regular room, and that's in late April. Created by Ian Schrager and Philippe Starck, the Delano is one of the most iconic and sublime of all Miami Beach hotels. In the winter season they turn the air conditioning off in the lobby, open the doors, and let natural ventilation create a gentle, constant flow of air through the space.
· Hotels Week 2014 [Curbed Miami]

The Delano Hotel

1685 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139