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Round 2: Comparing Bargain/Deluxe Downtown Hotels

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Today, Hotels Week is all about getting a deal, or not. With the help of our intern, Nicolas Bogdan, we're comparing deluxe hotels in three categories—Beach, Downtown, and Boutique—to good budget friendlier options. Notice we said 'budget friendlier' and not 'cheap.' The difference is this is Miami, the budget hotels still have to be great places, and still may not be 'cheap' but are at least a hell of a lot less than the deluxe joints. And now, Round 2: Downtown Hotels.

The b2 Hotel Downtown Miami on Biscayne Boulevard opened about a year ago after a complete overhaul of an older building. The hotel has bay views, and is immediately adjacent to Bayside Marketplace and Bayfront Park. It's well located, new, clean, relatively stylish, and pretty inexpensive at $150 a night according to a recent Expedia search. But don't expect to get ANYWHERE near that price this weekend, that is if you can get a room at all. It's Ultra Music Festival Weekend, and this place has front row seats.

Hotel Beaux Arts is a small but lavish hotel within the much larger JW Marriott Marquis hotel at the mouth of the Miami River. The Beaux Arts shares the JW Marriott's surprisingly comprehensive list of guest amenities in its two-level "Entertainment Complex", including bowling, convertible indoor basketball/tennis court, pool, spa, fitness center, virtual golf, etc., as well as the hotel's other public spaces. So, it could almost be confused with the "concierge levels" at other hotels, except for the very personalized service and the sheer excess of features available in each room that aren't available in the already excessively tricked out rooms of the Marriott. For a standard $420 room on Expedia your room will come with wingdings like a fold-out Bang & Olefson television, three Bang & Olufsen phones, an iPad, electronic everything, an advanced sound system, faucets that look like discotheques, etc.
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