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Here Is The Plan For The Met Square Archeological Site

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After lots, and lots of drama pertaining to the future of the archeological site discovered where the foundations of the future Met Square tower are supposed to go, developers MDM Development Group and their architects Nichols Brosch Wurst Wolfe (boy is that name a mouthful) have released the new renderings of what they intend to do with the site. The result of negotiations with city preservation people, these plans will preserve "critical" pieces of the archeological site while allowing the whole kitten-kaboodle of the tower to go forward. Because apparently Curbed Miami's suggestion of just making the area a park didn't have a chance in hell of happening.

MET SQUARE'S TEQUESTA INDIAN PRESERVATION PLAN Met Square is a mixed-use development of hotel, restaurants, retail, and an entertainment complex. Recently, it also established a museum and exhibition serving to protect a vital piece of Miami's history – a discovered Tequesta Indian site.

Met Square sits directly above Miami's most historical discovery in years. The site was witness to the Tequesta Indians who are the earliest residents known to live in Miami. The site was also home to both a 19th century US Army Fort and Henry Flagler's Royal Palms Hotel [sic]. Remnants of these historical periods are being restored, rebuilt, and exhibited, showcased within 2 circular areas residing below the tower and theaters.

The design will preserve the two major circles of carved post holes believed by archeologists to be foundations for Tequesta dwellings. The North East circle will be the center piece of a gallery to be operated by History Miami and open to the public. The second circle, located at the south west corner, will be encased in glass viewable by both pedestrians from the sidewalk and through tenant spaces on the interior of the structure.

The following renderings show NBWW's approach to preserving and displaying the circles on site.

Through NBWW's collaboration with MDM development, we aim to create a learning opportunity by providing accessibility to the found artifacts while protecting and preserving them for current and future generations to enjoy.

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