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"Wether you like PoMo or not (I happen to be a fan), you can't deny the impact of Graves' buildings. The Dolphin and the Swan at Disney are classic. But as is typical with starchitects, they think that their finesse with exteriors can be translated indoors. Unfortunately the traits and interests that make a good architect do not lend themselves to comfortable interiors, just as the interests of an interior designer (I am one myself) do not a good building make. It's all about scale, and it's never a 1:1 translation. I think the interiors proposed by SoJo are insensitive and pedestrian. Seems a shame to shoehorn something like this into a unique building. But I do think it needs to be updated!"-dlg322 [1500 Ocean Drive, The "Michael Graves Building," Could Get A Very Un-Gravesian Renovation]

1500 Ocean

1500 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33139