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Comment of the day

"There's nothing wrong with this place, I don't understand all the harsh ignorant comments. Although I do have one comment to make. An idiot writer from one of the gay newspapers down here wrote that this 1958 hotel was beautifully "ART DECO". First let me explain something to this architectural moron. "Art" Deco" was first seen at the Paris exposition of decorative and industrial arts in 1925. "Art Deco" ran from 1925 till the late 1930's. This Hotel, screams "Mid Century", NOT "Art Deco", seeing that it was built in 1958. This writer needs to have a better understanding of architectural designs throughout history, then describe a building built in 1958 as Art Deco."-anon [Masked Studs Prance About In Shots Of New Hotel Gaythering]