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SoJo Gets A 'No No' From Michael Graves' 1500 Ocean Drive

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All precincts from the penthouse to the pool deck reported at a meeting this morning at starchitect Michael Graves' 1500 Ocean Drive, defeating the proposed renovation by SoJo Design due to lack of funding. There were 52 votes for the renovation and 50 against, however a vote for a special financial assessment against owners failed, with 52 against and 50 for. This could be interpreted as "yes, we want a renovation, but we don't want to pay for that particular design" and the anti-SoJo crowd is taking it as a victory. So, where does the building go from here?

"Hopefully, we can move forward on renovation plans that will include Mr. Graves in helping to develop an integrated vision for our wonderful building." says resident Carolyn Cohen. They just need the votes.
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1500 Ocean

1500 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33139