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Plans Revealed For Aventura Mall's Third Huge Expansion

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This is what the second biggest mall-to-be in the country, the Soffer Family's Aventura Mall, will look like when it has completed its third major expansion since the mall was built decades ago. (the first was the southern wing with the movie theater and two department stores, and the second was the Nordstrom wing, which still feels brand new) Suck it King of Prussia Mall. Prem Lee Barbosa, author of the blog Miamuh, hiked down to Aventura City Hall and sent these images over, with his concerns. The new wing will extend out from where the mall's current Food Court is located and, from the looks of the drawings, it appears the Food Court will not be replaced. Perhaps the $8 Lo Mein Special is a little déclassé for a mall of Aventura's high-end calibre.

A large new garage will be located between the new wing and JCPenney, which will include a transit facility on the ground floor. The three story wing will have a two-level shopping concourse, but what will occupy the third level remains a mystery, although it may be some kind of 'special feature' like the Equinox Gym and AMC movie theater that are on level three of of the other two expansions.

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