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Checking In On The Big Changes In Not-So-Little Doral

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Ahhhh, Doral, that land golf, geriatrics, Venezuelan expats, and the Carnival Cruise Lines main campus, on the far side of the constantly clogged Dolphin Expressway. It seems a million years have past since Doris and Alfred Kaskel built a golf resort in a swamp and named it after themselves. (Doris+Al=DorAl) Much, much is ado in that former swampland, and this month Ocean Drive dives in with (A) a piece on the golf resort mid-transformation into Donald Trump's personal paradise, the Trump National Doral, and (B) a piece by Curbed's Sean McCaughan on the urbanization of the town around the resort into something of a real, dense, urban-ish city, which yes really is happening. See Cityplace Doral and Downtown Doral.
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Doral Golf Resort & Spa

4400 NW 87th Ave., Doral, FL 33178