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A Sexy, New Heatmap For March; Eating House Boys to Open Taperia Raca

Now is not the time to be anorexic, but IS the time to catch up with Eater Miami...

1) MiMo: Eating House is a kickass restaurant, so it's hard not to get excited about another spot from that same restaurant team. This one's called Taperia Raca. It's a Spanish tapas and wine bar that's likely opening at the end of March. Chef/owner/hunk Giorgio Rapicavoli and partner Alex Casanova are collaborating with former Preservation chef Ryan Herrison to open Taperia Raca, which is also very promising news.

2) Everywhere: There's the Eater 38, which rounds up the essential restaurants and then there's the Heatmap, which should be your go-to place for the hottest, buzziest restaurants of the moment. Behold, Eater Miami's March Heatmap. Click it like its hot.

3) Wynwood: Wynwood's getting a new restaurant called Miam (this sound is the equivalent of yum in French). Behind it, a man named Alexis Jacot, who's making sure Miam's focus is "simple, fresh, organic ingredients and homemade products." As long as Wynwood doesn't go from funky weirdo to high-end snoot, we're down with it. Stay true, Wynwood.
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