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All Aboard Florida Wants More Land For D'Town Mega Station

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Not very much has been heard publicly from All Aboard Florida lately, presumably because they've been working on all the behind-the-scenese stuff it takes to build a railroad. And now we're learning that this behind-the-scenes stuff includes negotiations with Miami-Dade for the possible acquisition of even more land adjacent to the many acres they currently control for their 'Grand Central Station' according to exMiami.

These lands include what are currently a VIP parking lot for the Mayor and whoever and a daycare center for the county government (ok cool) and next to that a small park known as "the oval" (not cool). AFF could use the land for a parking garage or maybe a bus terminal, or they would put the bus terminal somewhere else "as part of the deal." The current parking lot and daycare are on underdeveloped land that could definitely be far more utilized than they currently are. You can see the spot with the word 'Mayor' written on it in large letters from the Metrorail platform. On the other hand, "The Oval" is best known as the one-time campground of Occupy Miami, but it is actually a very nice little park, and would be a fantastic public space outside of the future station. Hopefully it will stay that way.
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Future Fec Downtown Miami Station

200 NW 1st Avenue, Miami, Florida