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Great, Or At Least Interesting Ideas For Miami's Public Spaces

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Hundreds of ideas for improving Miami's public spaces were submitted by Miamians to the OurMiami Public Spaces Challenge, being held by the Miami Foundation, but only a few of them will be awarded a portion of the $130,000 funding money and be realized. Ideas run the gamut from the ingenious, to the useless. Some are odd, some are surprising, some are completely predictable. Many are too expensive. Most are worth considering. We picked out a hand-full that stood out to Curbed, but there are many more where these came from. Check them out at the Miami Foundation's map, here.

1) HistoryMiami proposes a revitalization of their plaza in the Philip Johnson-designed Miami-Dade Cultural Center, as well as a new courtyard between their two buildings.

2) The many suggestions for urban gardens include, hydroponic gardens, a lovely sounding 'hanging light garden' under the Metrorail, the Vizcaya farm, and a community garden in Little Havana.

3) More pedestrian crosswalks for Wynwood.

4) A temporary new park on the south end of Midtown, probably until the condo towers planned for the site are built.

5) A bicycle/pedestrian greenway along the Florida East Coast railway tracks.

6) Sidewalk dancing how-to?

7) A beach for Margaret Pace Park.

8) A 'light bridge' installation transforming the I-395 span over Biscayne Boulevard with lights and digital displays, as an alternative to replacing it with a signature bridge.

A Times Square for Miami near the Freedom Tower.

9) An ad hoc outdoor cinema on Flagler Street.

10) Vertical gardens covering the monolithic brutalist James L. Knight Center.

11) Green urban scaffolding for construction sites.

12) An outdoor startup hub.

13) A northward extension of the M-Path, oh and everything you can think of under the M-Path from a musical mini park, housing in shipping containers, a bicycle obstacle course, a zen-hub (?), motorcycle-land, and motion sensors at bicycle crossings.
· OurMiami Public Space Challenge [Miami Foundation]