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Kobi Karp's Office Building Getting, What Else, A Condo Tower

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The ink hasn't even dried, but Kobi Karp has already released renderings for a proposed tower called Lima at the site of his recently sold office building, and the Starbucks next door, on 29th and Biscayne. Purchased for $19 million by Simon Karam and Biscayne Acquisitions, the site of the low-rise, MiMo office building built in the 1960s and adjacent surface lot was apparently issued a Major Use Special Permit back in 2007. And, word is, the new owners are keeping the already-approved designs. The permit allows for a 490-ft., 43-story tower with 206 residential units.

Renderings that we can only assume were done by Karp's offices reveal a tower placed to the rear of the site, behind Starbucks, preserving the low rise MiMo building with its distinctive concrete shade screens. Above a base that's obviously meant to coordinate with the MiMo building, an interlocking design runs the entire height of the tower and is prevalent on all four facades. While this "framing" trend is a little overdone at this point, it does allow for deep balconies to operate as brise-soleil elements and provide protection from the brutal summer sun. The new owners have said they don't have a timeframe for getting the project done, but only that it will be done. You know, whenever.
—Margina Demmer
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