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Highway-Like Biscayne Blvd To Become 'Grand Promenade'

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The Downtown gods Downtown Development Authority has chosen a design to remake Biscayne Boulevard into a Grand Promenade (capitalization added for emphasis of the grandness). This will begin at Biscayne Boulevard Way and end at NE 8th Street, which is about where the Freedom Tower is. Yes, below Museum Park, which seems a bit odd.

It will have four or six lanes of traffic and lots of other pedestrian-oriented stuff including a mall-like median, dedicated bicycle lanes, etc., instead of the eight-lane highway with parking lots for medians that Biscayne currently is. This all will happen, unsurprisingly, god knows when, because even though the basic design has been picked, they still have to get about a million agencies to work together, do all the engineering stuff, and find the money for it all. But as of now, it's happening.
· Plan rolling for Miami's Grand Promenade [Miami Today]