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UPDATE: Herald Building Not Getting Imploded Tomorrow

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UPDATE: A follow up from Genting, via the Miami DDA, is much less exciting. "The Herald's south facing wall (closest to 395) will be demolished in the next few days. Likely not tomorrow. This will be the first exterior wall to come down. There will not be an implosion / dynamite. This will be a piece by piece dismantling as they have said all along."

The "southern half" of the Miami Herald Building is getting imploded tomorrow morning, "before 9 AM" according to Curbed Miami intel. Yep, the old mother of a newspaper headquarters, which has been in a slow and embarrassing state of demolition since its fate was sealed a year ago, is finally coming down in a big way.

The "southern half" probably means the entirety of the yellow part of the building with the windows. This is where the newspaper's offices and things were located, with the printing presses in the bunker-like, windowless, brown block to the north. That structure will be significantly harder to destroy, which is probably why it's being done in two parts. Click over here for look inside the Herald Building, during its last days. Of course, based on what we know, the meaning of "southern half" is technically speculation. Still, by this time tomorrow, a big chunk of the Herald's iconic building will be gone.
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