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Miami Beach Looking To Buy Block For Baylink Transit Hub

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Holy cow. New infrastructure projects can get bogged down in study after study, like Baylink was, or apparently you can do this. The City of Miami Beach and Mayor Levine want to buy north half of the block at 5th Street and Alton Road that contains the Pier 1 Imports and the Burger King, in the hopes of using the entire block for a transit hub for Baylink. They already own the southern half of the block. The block is strategically located right off of the MacArthur Causeway, which Baylink would traverse.

All that's required for the purchase to go through is an appraisal of the property (totally normal) and the approval of the city commission (which Levine has in his pocket). They've already got the $26 million to pay for it in a redevelopment fund. Meanwhile, this looks like a mighty fine spot for a Metrorail station, no?
· Miami Beach may spend $26 million on new transit hub [Miami Herald]