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Competition Begins To Design New Wynwood Gateway Park

Tony Cho's Metro1 Properties, the realtor/developer behind the Wynwood Gateway Complex, wants to build a park behind said building, tentatively named the Wynwood Gateway Park, and to design it they've recruited you. That is if you are a practicing designer of some sort. They're holding an international design competition for the space with DawnTown, the people that do the annual ideas competitions in Miami, and the winner will have their design built as well as a $10,000 prize.

Wynwood Gateway Park - Design Criteria Public space is a big problem in many Miami neighborhoods, specifically Wynwood. Currently, Wynwood has very limited public space. No dynamic urban neighborhood is complete without a variety of public and green spaces to engage the community. This competition seeks to help remedy this problem by asking designers to present a creative and unique concept for this ideally located Wynwood site that will be appropriate for the space and location.

Metro 1 has developed an important intersection leading into the heart of the art's district, known as the Wynwood Gateway Complex. Within this complex are two (2) 70' x 100' lots totaling 14,000sf that has been dedicated for public green space.

The idea for the space is to bring the community together, as well as attract visitors and tourists. Ideally, the space could incorporate elements of urban farming, art, sculpture, lighting, landscaping and music. The site should reinforce sustainability, and also serve as a didactic environment where people can learn simply by being there.

The Wynwood Gateway Park should also cater to many different types of people. In the day time, families can meet here for gatherings, picnics, or simply to find a quiet place to do yoga or read. The space should also be able to cater afternoon and evening events, such as concerts, weddings and receptions.

The design criteria is ambitious but should be accounted for in the schemes. Proposals should be creative, innovative and yet sensible to the urban context. Competitors need to think about how to activate the site from an urban stand point, and not by filling it with a building. Candidates may also submit ideas for names of the space as well.

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