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Tower Addition Coming To North Beach's Biltmore Terrace

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The Terra Group has proposed a condo tower expansion to be built on the empty parking lot on the north side of the former HoJo Dezerland, which will be designed by Allan Shulman. It's a pretty safe bet the old hotel, a Morris Lapidus/Albert Anis-designed gem originally called the Biltmore Terrace Hotel, won't be a Howard Johnson's anymore. The tower would be tall and thin, rising 17 stories and set far back into the site, and would look like one balcony-laden block rotated and placed on top of another. To get the zoning variance required for the additional height, Terra is offering to spend $5-6 million on improvements to North Shore Open Space Park, which is just to the south of the property. An "iconic tropical garden opening onto Collins Avenue", the pool deck, and other landscaping enhancements, are being designed by West 8.

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