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The Vagabond Motel Is Almost Done And Looking Smashing

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The Vagabond Motel, which is being marketed as the Vagabond Hotel even though it will keep the word "Motel" on its signage for historical authenticity, is getting its final touches as construction on most of the structure wraps up. The landscaping, which was installed relatively early, has grown in. The pool, which will have arching water jets at each corner, is done. The restaurant space is still an empty shell, but that's most likely coming next for the motel's developer, Avra Jain and architect Dean Lewis.

The guest rooms are being decorated with really cool, flamboyant retro furniture. A ton of attention is being paid to the details. The bathroom doors are heavy wood. The pool deck has underground gas lines ready for tiki-torches. A retractable screen will descend behind the pool-side bandstand for outdoor movies. Original wood was salvaged from the second story's badly damaged floors to restore the original floors on the first story. Then carpeting was laid upstairs to improve sound insulation. And the list goes on. Meanwhile, some signage has already been installed, including the original pylon 'motel' sign out front, while the motel's large signature sign (the one that looks like a big red neon cloud with the word 'Vagabond' on it) is returning soon.
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Vagabond Motel

7301 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, FL