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Historic British Newsreels Show What They Thought Of Miami Across The Pond

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British Pathe, a british producer of newsreels that has its roots in 1890s Paris, recently uploaded more than 85,000 videos to YouTube, capturing the breadth and scope of their reportage through history. And in those many decades (they stopped producing newsreels in 1970) they came to Miami. Their archives include Duke & Duchess of Windsor's arrival in Miami, the latest beach fashions of 1933, the futuristic architecture of the University of Miami's campus, and naturally a rather bluntly titled "midget wedding." We've picked ten of highlights, but dozens more of Miami are over at Pathe's YouTube channel, here.

While living ing the Bahamas, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor came to Miami so the Duchess could have a dental procedure done.

Apparently snowball fights were not just a thing, but a "freak sensation" in Miami at some point.

Here's Collins Avenue in Mid-beach in 1971.

Cuban refugees arrive in 1965.

Miami was really booming in 1946.

It's mid-winter in Miami and boats sail on a "spanking breeze" in a 1933 regatta.

Miami goes futuristic with fabulous midcentury architecture at the University of Miami and in a parking garage Downtown.

Miami salutes the new streamliner service from New York in 1930.

O... m... g... just, omg... no, yes, maybe?

· British Pathe [YouTube]

University Of Miami

5501 San Amaro Dr., Coral Gables, Florida 33146