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Yep, The Miami Herald Building Exploded, Surprised Almost Everyone, This Morning

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So, umm, holy crap, this happened. A big chunk of the south half of old the Miami Herald Building was demolished (imploded?) this morning. It was basically what earlier Curbed intelligence told us would happen exactly ten days ago, but didn't. So, what happened?

After we reported an upcoming implosion or large demolition at the Herald Building, a Genting rep reported that the building would come down over the next few days, and we quote "there will not be an implosion/dynamite", which turned out to be completely false. Instead, ten days later, Kabloowie! And who wasn't told about this today? It seems almost everybody was in the dark, except for the Miami Herald, which filmed it from the MacArthur Causeway. But check out this photo of the aftermath posted by Twitter user Jose Resendez, after the jump. The dust plumes reached all the way to Biscayne Boulevard. Who demolishes/implodes/whatever a building, right next to a highway, during rush hour? Seriously.

· Section of old Miami Herald Building demolished [Miami Herald]

Miami Herald Building

1 Herald Plaza, Miami, Florida

Resorts World Miami

1 Herald Plaza, Miami, FL 33132