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Temporary Pavilion Decked Out With Chair Swings Coming To The Miami-Dade Cultural Center

The Miami-Dade Cultural Center plaza, that painfully isolated fortress of cultural solitude raised above Miami's mean streets, is getting a fun new temporary addition with the winning entry of the second DawnTown design build competition: Pavilion MMM, by Chicago-based design team Design w/ Company. Says DawnTown, pavilion "set up at HistoryMiami in early June with the possibility of traveling to different sites in and around the city".

From DawnTown's announcement:

The Chicago based team, Design w/ Company, led by Stewart Hicks & Allison Newmeyer will be tasked with activating the Cultural Plaza courtyard with their temporary installation entitled, Pavilion MMM (Miami Many-a-chair Monument). The team describes their pavilion's title as having a double meaning: it is both too small to be a full-scale monument as well as being made of many multi-colored ready-made chairs. The chairs here tell a story about Miami and the experience of the people that make up our multicultural city. The designers explain this in a series of visual metaphors of a chair being found, it is then brought home where it is loved and becomes part of the furniture we grow up with, and eventually resold or given away to restart the process over again. Each chair will be turned into a swing and supported by a modular system of construction scaffolding. This clever use of structural support allows for quick assembly and easy enough to disassemble. The chairs will come from Miami's own neighborhoods to be purchased at yard sales. Its interactivity and play of scale make for an interesting addition to the otherwise underused plaza.

· Design Build #2 - Winning Entry [DawnTown]