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Brickell City Centre Reveals Website, Flood Of New Renders

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'Tis the day for website launches of major development projects. First, of course, Park Grove unveiled its totally riveting navy blue (or is that royal blue?) teaser site. Now Brickell City Centre has gone in an entirely different direction, pulling the top off its new site, full of renderings, floor plan schematics, scientific descriptions of the 'climate ribbon', and photographs of a ridiculously detailed model of the project.

Overall, City Centre's imagery is showing a more refined, possibly more architecturally restrained, and more thoroughly developed plan of City Centre than we've ever seen before. Its signature elements—climate ribbon, pedestrian skyways, towers, multilevel mall, gigantic amenity deck spanning at least three blocks, etc.—are all still there, but this time they're really articulated instead of the almost-cartoonish blockiness of earlier renderings. Meanwhile, construction continues at a furious pace.
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