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Henning Haupt's Colorful Tunnel Really Doesn't Suck

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Move over tacky Fort Liquordale public art, you've had your day in the sun. It's about time the drunken city sobers up and actually installs aesthetically-pleasing works for the masses to appreciate. Enter the recently completed project, The Tunnel, located at the pedestrian entrance on the south side of the City Parking Garage, between First and Second Avenue, just north of Las Olas Boulevard. There, viewers will see the walls and ceiling adorned with six layers of red, yellow and blue tones. The colors were painted on with rollers and take on a clean square bleeding shapes. The layering technique yields transparent paints and offers a dazzling visual display. Walking through the space, there's a feeling of being encompassed by the art. Is this a trip down a rabbit hole of sorts?

Henning Haupt, assistant architecture professor at Florida Atlantic University, executed the project with students from his undergraduate 'Color Material Space' course at the School of Architecture. The stylish project reflects Haupt's work, who is also painter, and aims to showcase the interplay of architecture, color and space. A concept that the three, when done seamlessly, can be inseparable—Andrea Richard
· Studio Henning Haupt [henninghaupt]