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Million Dollar Listing Miami Preview Drops It Like Its Hot

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Million Dollar Listing Miami is about to hit our balmy shores, where "the mansions are bigger, the high-rises are taller, and the amenities are more luxe", premiering on June 25th. Until then, don't get your panties in a bunch you drama queens, but the powers that be at Bravo have put out this little teaser trailer to get you all jazzed up for the show and its three main co-stars, Samantha, Chad, and Chris.

And now for a little insight on the cast: Sam & Chad were contenders in Curbed's hottest broker search. Chad won for the men. Check out his abs here. Curbed didn't think Curbed knew who Chris was right away, but now Curbed remembers meeting Chris at a party once. It was a great party, for whatever that's worth.
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