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Inside the Domino Factory; Non-Native NYers Roots

Because the Domino Sugar Refinery isn't going to be around much longer, the latest news from Curbed NY...

1) Williamsburg: The long-abandoned Domino Sugar Refinery is in the process of being demolished so that developer Two Trees can replace it with a bunch of condos and offices. But just before they started, they let photographer Paul Raphaelson inside the dilapidated structure so that he could take some really amazing pictures.

2) New York City: Where do New York City's non-native residents come from? One search engine crunched the numbers and found that 41.5 percent come from Connecticut or New Jersey, while the individual cities feeding the most residents in are, in order, D.C., San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

3) Television: Million Dollar Listing is back with its third season and already Fredrik Eklund is wearing pink pants and doing some kind of crazy dance in the street. We've got the recap of the whole first episode, which features Luis freestyle rapping in Spanish with his tailor.

4) Dumbo: Dumbo is one of Brooklyn's hippest and most expensive neighborhoods and, like most hip and expensive neighborhoods, it used to be occupied primarily by starving artists who made the area cool and were subsequently priced out. The name Dumbo (which supposedly stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) was, in fact, established as a middle finger to inevitable onslaught of development. You can read more about the 'hood's history in this edition of Blurred Lines.
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